The Proven 90-Day Coaching Method To Successfully Achieve Your Most Important Goals

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As a former scientist, I still love to have procedures and frameworks to guide me in various areas of my life. So when I started to provide life coaching, I wanted to make sure that there was a structure in place to allow me to deliver value for my clients and help them to the best of my abilities.

The power of the life coaching system I created comes from three things: its simplicity, its efficiency, and its focus on long-term success.

The first thing we do in this framework is to divide the year into four cycles of 90 days and work on specific objectives for each period.

Why 90 Days?

New Year's resolutions

A quarter of the year, 3 months, 12 weeks, or 90 days. No matter how to call it, this timeframe is just the perfect amount of time to set goals and achieve them.

By compartmentalizing our objectives this way, we have more focus and motivation to accomplish our goals.

We need enough time to get some momentum, but after just a few months, we typically lose that momentum. Take yearly planning for example.

Most people start January with a lot of goals or New Year resolutions for the next 12 months.

They take action for the first days or weeks of the the year, but after that, if they don't have accountability and a clear system to get to their goals, they tend to revert back to their old habits.

We divide our year and our clients' year into four quarters to help them narrow dom their focus on those 90 days and get the best results.

This is also how companies divide their planning and income reporting. A year is just too long and doesn't allow them to pivot if a big change happens in the industry.

What Does A 90-Day Cycle Usually Looks Like?

Week 1-3: Getting clear on your goals

Week 4-5: Planning and building momentum

Week 6-11: Taking action and troubleshooting challenges

Week 12: Reviewing and celebrating your wins

Our 4 Core Metrics

Life coaching methodology

The 4 metrics we focus on are:

Where you are (your current situation)

Where you want to be (your goals)

The things that might get in your way (your obstacles)

The path you will take (your action plan)

At the beginning of each 90-day cycle, we establish these 4 Core Metrics and then we check in with you during each coaching session to see if your progress is aligned with the objectives you set.

What Does A Typical Coaching Session Look Like?

1. We establish your goals for the session

2. We check your progress on your objectives

3. We talk about any roadblocks you might have encountered

4. We brainstorm ways to overcome these challenges

5. We create an action plan for you to implement

The Rule Of 3

Having too many ideas and priorities

We never want to take on more than we can handle so we focus our goal setting around a rule of 3. We always have a maximum of 3 goals during one 90-day cycle.

If we have too many goals at the same time, it becomes difficult to focus on our most important goals (what we call our Core Priorities).

It's easier to focus 100% of our focus and energy on 2-3 goals rather than divide our attention over 20 different projects.

This doesn't mean that you can't pursue these other goals. It just means that you shouldn't spend a lot of time on them right now.

Figuring out your Core Priorities is a crucial part of our coaching framework and they help your to formulate your short-term and long-term goals.

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